Viru-X treatment updates



Since March 15, 2020 Premier Pest Control has expanded our services to include our Viru-X disinfecting, sanitizing, and virucide service program. This important service program is in addition to our general pest and bird /rodent control services.


We want to thank all those who have entrusted our crews with this service program and its’ benefits, as well as those customers who are currently scheduled for the Viru-X disinfecting, sanitizing, and virucide services.


Please be assured, PPC will do our best to schedule your Viru-X service program request as soon as possible. Currently, we are scheduling service requests from our existing customers as a top priority, and working diligently to be prepared to schedule additional Viru-X service program requests within a flexible scheduling period based on our customers need.


PPC currently provides the Viru-X service program in several service frequencies such as; daily; weekly, and one-time service. PPC will provide a no-charge inspection of your property or business along with you to determine the best service frequency for the Viru-X service program.

Currently, PPC has successfully treated or maintain a Viru-X service program with the following high-profile properties; the D Hotel and Casino, Golden Gate Hotel and Casino, Westgate Hotel and Casino, Orange Church, Bridger Building, Westgate Resorts Flamingo Bay, The Event Center, Budget Suites (3) locations, and UNLV Recreation and Wellness Center.  

If interested in these protective services, please contact us regarding scheduling a no-charge inspection and review of the most effective Viru-X service program best to protect your property or business assets.

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